Female Empowerment – Relationship Health

July 28, 2017

It was such an honor to be the first and only to date Relationship Expert invited to speak at the Women2Women Leadership Conference held by Empower Peace. On Thursday July 27th, 2017 I educated 100+ young women from over 30 countries on topics such as: empowerment, self-esteem and confidence, and achieving one’s goals as it […]

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Social Media – Outlet For Adults To Verbally Assault

August 31, 2014

A Psychotherapist With A Voice: Opinion Piece – – We expect children to communicate with intellectualism when in conflict with another simply based upon having a difference of opinion. We expect children not to use social media as an outlet to verbally assault others. Yet painfully I am all too aware from my own experience […]

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Mom Cyber Shames Daughter For Online Bullying

January 6, 2014

During an interview with Yahoo!Shine, I shared my insight and tips regarding a timely news story where a mother cyber shamed her daughter for online bullying. I invite you to read this article written by Sarah Weir entitled: Mom Cyber Shames Daughter For Online Bullying.

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Bullying Strikes Again? ‘Kill List’ – Waltham Public School

December 10, 2013

In a Waltham Massachusetts public Middle School, a child allegedly wrote a ‘Kill List’. Reports suggest being made fun of by particular children led this child to write such a list. Bullying strikes again? Words do hurt! Provided is my interview on FOX News Boston LIVE at 5PM with anchors Maria Stephanos, Mark Ockerbloom, and […]

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Ask Dr Karen – Teen Rumors, Mother-In-Law Stress, Workaholic

December 2, 2013

Teen rumors, mother-in-law stress during the holidays, and when your spouse is a workaholic what to do- were today’s topics on Ask Dr. Karen. FOX Morning News Boston’ regular segment where viewers ask their relationship questions (marriage, dating, parenting, . . . ), and I answer them LIVE on air. Topics – Further Detail and […]

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Miami Dolphins Alleged Bullying – Hazing/Bullying Rips The Human Spirit

November 4, 2013

Bullying- whether you are an adult or a child, the emotional wear and tear on the human mind, the human spirit, is real. If you have not heard, in the news as of late is the topic of NFL bullying. Specifically, Miami offensive lineman, Jonathan Martin, and guard Richie Incognito are a part of a […]

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Parents – If Your Child Is A Bully Or Bullied – Tips

October 16, 2013

During an interview this evening on FOX 25 News Boston, I shared my insight and tips for parents. Whether your child is a bully or bullied, parents – take action! You will find the interview where I appeared LIVE on air answering anchor Sorboni Banerjee’s questions during the 5:00 hour below. Parents, please monitor your […]

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Child Bullied To Death – Tips For Parents How To Stop Bullying And Help The Bullied

October 16, 2013

Child bullied to death! Enough is enough. The end to bullying all comes down to parenting! School programs are not enough! I have spoken on FOX News Channel, talk shows (e.g., The Steve Harvey Show), and blogged about bullying – each time another child is victimized! Parents- enough is enough – we must  STOP THE MADNESS. In today’s blog […]

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Bullying – Steve Harvey Show With Parenting Expert Dr. Karen Ruskin

November 30, 2012

The Steve Harvey Show offered viewers information and education on bullying. Air date: November 28, 2012.  On air this parenting expert had the opportunity to share my practical tips and insights providing parents and children with concrete information about the new breed of bullies (i.e., The Social Bully and The Confident Entitled Bully) and concrete strategies for […]

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How To Stop Bullying – Parenting Expert Explains Different Kinds Of Bullying – Tips For Children

November 11, 2012

Top 7 Bullying Questions Answered! This parenting expert who is a family therapist and Psychotherapist sees time and time again the pain that bullying inflicts upon not just the bullied, but the bullied family as well. Each person will at some point either experience being a bully, be bullied, or be a bystander. Be an up-stander not a by-stander. Parenting matters! Learn about the old bullying styles and the new breed of bullies, tips for parents and kids, warning signs, prevention methods, and resources in this blog article.

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