Political Topics and Mental Health

Movie Clinton, Inc. 2018 Release With Dr. Karen Ruskin

October 4, 2018

As a participant in the movie: Clinton Inc., I am pleased to announce: Friday, October 19, 2018, the movie releases to buy or rent on the platforms: Amazon, Apple’s iTunes, Dish, Google Play/YouTube, Microsoft’s XBOX, Steam, and Walmart’s VUDU. Movie Synopsis: The true story of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s political alliance, business partnership, and unique […]

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Dr Oz’s Thought Leaders Discuss Roseanne’s Controversial Tweet

September 19, 2018

As a mental health professional it is truly an honor to be considered a thought leader by The Dr. Oz Show, and as such appear on a panel of fellow thought leaders, each from a different area of expertise, for the program’s Fall 2018 season premiere. We, the panel, watched the exclusive interview between celebrity […]

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Dr Oz Fall 2018 Season Premiere Photos – Barr’s Controversial Tweet

September 16, 2018

To kick off The Dr. Oz Show’s season premiere Fall 2018 is quite the honor for me, as I participated in a panel where we discussed mental health, unity and forgiveness beyond race, in reaction to Roseanne Barr’s sit down with Dr. Oz where she discussed her controversial tweet in an exclusive interview. This is […]

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Mental Health Care System Problems – Texas Shooting

November 10, 2017

With the latest tragedy of the Texas church shooting, this has left us as a public wondering; is there a problem with the mental health care system in America? Specifically mental health facilities that are eligible to treat severe mental illness? Through my lens as a Psychotherapist, I appear on FOX News discussing my concerns […]

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Porn Crisis – Effecting our Children’s Future

November 4, 2017

The Pornification of the American culture – this is the topic of discussion I participated in as a Psychotherapist/Marriage and Family Therapist Guest Expert on FOX News Channel’s The Ingraham Angle. If you missed this informative discussion between myself, host Laura Ingraham, and Sociologist Guest Expert Dr. Gail Dines, I invite you to watch on […]

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Vegas Massacre – Mental Illness As Motive?

October 8, 2017

Stephen Paddock is the much talked about topic in the news as of late. This painful tragedy, the Vegas massacre leads us all wondering why would a person commit such an act of violence and destruction? Is mental illness the motive in the Vegas massacre? Is it possible he had an undiagnosed mental illness? Is […]

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Presidential Inauguration – Come Together, Move Forward

January 19, 2017

The democratic house members who are not attending the upcoming Presidential inauguration are throwing an adult version of a temper tantrum and displaying unsportsmanlike conduct at the least, and at worst they are demonstrating warring behaviors within our country exacerbating division and hatred while overtly displaying a lack of leadership. 

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Holidays, Men, and Politics – Intertwined?

December 21, 2016

The latest timely topic in the news includes a debate about the song: ‘Baby it’s cold outside’. This is an oldie holiday song currently being picked at/debated on social media as unacceptable male behavior, inferring the women is the victim. It concerns me that holidays cannot be holidays with songs from the past to simply be […]

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Just Say No – Teach Children Marijuana Abstinence

December 4, 2016

Various studies report the link between chronic marijuana use and mental illness (e.g., anxiety, depression, schizophrenia). Yet painfully, far too many are ignoring this and rather preach a use in moderation philosophy rather than a just say no lifestyle. As a mental health professional I help parents every day with the fight against what is […]

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Hillary Clinton Supporters – 6 Psychological Reasons Why

November 6, 2016

With mounting evidence displaying verifiable proof that Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is corrupt and has been for quite some time, has put national security at risk, has lied under oath, has a pattern of blaming others rather than taking ownership of behaviors, cannot be trusted to put the country first rather is quite skilled in […]

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