Census Survey: Couples And Financial Secrecy

July 31, 2018

New U.S. Census Bureau research shows that the income couples report on Census Bureau surveys do not always match tax data. Why the discrepancy? During my bi-weekly segment on NECN where I provide analysis and tips on timely mental health topics, I weighed in on this topic. Additionally, I discussed financial secrecy between couples in […]

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Me Too Movement – The Effect On Dating

July 17, 2018

The Me Too movement is extremely significant. The importance of holding those accountable for sexual assault is imperative. The after-effects this movement has had on dating and relationships is profound as well. I am hearing from males and females their experience in dating in terms of how this movement has effected them. During my bi-weekly […]

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Who are the top relationship experts?

April 7, 2018

Fun to be named on ‘Lovey Signs’ list of 100 top female relationship and love advice experts. For my readers, here’s the link for their full list.

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Valentine’s Day Anxiety and Depression Tips

February 12, 2018

Are you feeling stressed knowing Valentine’s Day is coming? You are not alone. Single? In a new relationship? In a committed relationship? Married? Been together a short time or long time? Regardless of stage and phase of life, it is not uncommon for some to experience Valentine’s day stress experiencing anxiety and/or depression symptoms. Why […]

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Dr Karen Ruskin Relationship Expert Featured in DatingAdvice.Com

October 23, 2017 features relationship expert and dating expert Dr. Karen Ruskin. is referenced as “the authority on all things dating”. It is listed as the home to top dating experts where the viewer can read featured articles, learn about the most recent studies, browse dating advice, and more. As a leading expert in relationship health […]

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Female Empowerment – Relationship Health

July 28, 2017

It was such an honor to be the first and only to date Relationship Expert invited to speak at the Women2Women Leadership Conference held by Empower Peace. On Thursday July 27th, 2017 I educated 100+ young women from over 30 countries on topics such as: empowerment, self-esteem and confidence, and achieving one’s goals as it […]

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Can you die of a broken heart?

February 14, 2017

NBC News Boston – TV show: ‘This is New England’ provided it’s viewers with a touching love story of a couple who died 6 hours apart, told by their adult son. During this special segment for Heart Health Month and Valentine’s Day, I was asked to share my expertise as a Psychotherapist whom specializes in […]

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Love and Loss Tips – Heart Health Month

February 11, 2017

February is heart health month. Coming up this week is Valentine’s Day. Some say that I am in the ‘heart business’, as I am a Marriage and Family Therapist providing relationship counseling. Love loss and love gain is a common theme in relationships, be it the marital relationship or the parent-child relationship, the relationship one […]

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Clinton Inc The Movie – The Cast

September 10, 2016

I am proud to share that I am a member of the cast in: Clinton Inc The Movie. This documentary stars varied esteemed professionals of differing backgrounds offering their unique lens providing observations, commentary, and opinions woven throughout the movie. In addition to myself, this superb cast includes: Daniel Halper, Dick Morris, William Chafe, Dr. John […]

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Sexual Harassment, Flirt, Casual Chat- A Difference?

August 24, 2016

What is considered casual conversation in the work environment vs. flirtation? Can what one person deem casual conversation, another deem as flirtation? What is considered casual conversation vs. flirtation vs. sexual harassment? Is flirtation different from sexual harassment or is it one in the same? A hot topic in the news as of late is […]

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