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Processing Evil – O’Reilly Factor With Family Therapist Dr. Karen Ruskin

December 16, 2012

Evil is among us! How do you make sense of evil? Why is their evil? What can be done to prevent evil? It is these questions that many are asking after the horrific tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School this week. A 20 year old male shot and killed so many- what […]

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Eastwooding To Heal Mental Anguish? Boston Globe With Dr. Karen Ruskin

September 4, 2012

The Boston Globe’s Daily Dose Columnist Deborah Kotz interviewed this Psychotherapist to explore Clint Eastwood’s use of the empty chair during the Republican National Convention. Specifically, the focus of my interview was on whether the use of the “empty chair” truly is a psychotherapy technique. The answer is: YES! The empty chair technique has been […]

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Salem Mother Protecting Children – Accused of Attempted Murder

March 20, 2012

According to a police report, a Salem mother stated that she was protecting her children, with regards to the allegation that she sliced their throats and set their apartment on fire. Let us look at this from the mind’s eye of a psychotherapist.

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Birth Control and Sandra Fluke – Psychotherapist View

March 8, 2012

The controversial topic of birth control and Sandra Fluke is NOT about women’s health, although women’s health has become the focus. This is so obviously political, you don’t have to hold a psychotherapist’s view to analyze this one – it is clear. As a psychotherapist/mental health expert who specializes in understanding the relationship dynamics of […]

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Whitney Houston’s Death: Addict or Death Wish?

February 19, 2012

Did Whitney Houston have an addiction, therefore mental illness? Or, a different un-diagnosed/diagnosed problem and used prescription and/or illegal drugs and alcohol as medication to numb, cope with, and or escape her challenges? Or did she have a death wish? What role does the media play in reporting a celebrities’ death and/or drug/alcohol/mental health troubles? […]

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New Hampshire Boy Shoots Himself- FOX Boston Interview

February 12, 2012

14 year old New Hampshire boy shoots himself in the face in school cafeteria! This is the reality of a true story discussed on FOX 25 News Boston that no child nor parent should ever hear, let alone see! Such a trauma. I invite you to view this informative interview where I shared my insights. […]

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Demi Moore’s Hospitalization: Exhaustion a Real Diagnosis?

January 25, 2012

With Demi Moore’s hospitalization reported by her publicist due to exhaustion, many ask; is “exhaustion” really a diagnosis? The term exhaustion in and of itself is not a diagnosis in the DSM-IV (the manual mental health professionals use to diagnose a client and then submit for insurance reimbursement). Typically the term “exhaustion” is considered a […]

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Patriot’s Win- Divine Intervention? Paterno’s Death- Broken Heart?

January 24, 2012

As The Doug Meehan Show’s go-to mental health expert when they wish to understand the human psyche, who do they call but your very own, Dr. Karen Ruskin. During a live interview today Doug and I explored two interesting topics: 1) The Patriots win and the theory of divine intervention, and 2) Joe Paterno’s death, […]

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Does the Web Make You Mean?

January 19, 2012

Mean behind the protection of the computer screen- that is a far too common behavior that hurts not just the recipient, but the person who types these ugly words, as well as us all as a culture the more of a norm this behavior becomes. FOX 25 News Boston’s anchor Maria Stephanos developed a special […]

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Violence in Malls- Interview on Hannity

December 29, 2011

Psychotherapist Dr. Karen Ruskin on Hannity interviewed by Mark Steyn explains the recent violence in malls is not simply a case of holiday chaos. This cutting edge mental health expert shared 5 key theories of why violence takes place over a pair of sneakers.

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